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  There are 30 Organisations in the Database within the category 'K'

KCA Arts For All
King's Park Community Council
KCA Camera Club
Kingspark Mews
Kelvin ABC
Kingsridge Cleddans Economic Development Group
Kelvin Valley 140th Glasgow Scout Group
Kingsridge Cleddans Housing Association
Kelvin Valley 175th Glasgow Scout Group
Kingsway Court Health & Wellbeing Centre
Kelvin Valley 32nd Glasgow Scout Group
Kinning Park Community Council
Kelvinbridge Parish Church
Knightcliffe Temple Credit Union
Kelvindale Community Council
Knightswood C.A. Wednesday Club
Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church
Knightswood Community Council
Kendoon Housing Association
Knightswood Community SCIO
Kenmuir Mount Vernon Church of Scotland
Knightswood Congregational Church
Kennishead Community Hall
Knightswood Free Church of Scotland (continuing)
Key Community Supports
Knightswood Old Men's Recreation Club
Kids and Adults Together in Sighthill
Kool Kidz After School Care
Kings Park Baptist Church
KSD Glasgow

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